About Us

Titan LED & Visual
is a subsidiary of HMI Audio Visual Sdn Bhd, which was founded in 1985, and has a history of over 30 years. Our company is growing at a fast pace and has the potential to comprehensively cover LED's increasing demand in Malaysia and its neighboring countries. We assure the best solutions for our clients as we gather the best components from established manufacturers.

Titan LED & Visual  is formed by a team of specialist in the market. The team is dedicated to uncover new technologies in the market to assure quality and yet affordable products to our clients. Despite of having extensive experience and product knowledge, the team continues to innovate designs and systems to meet demands.
The consultation team are trained and equipped with the latest products knowledge to provide consultation services to clients. The team will provide professional advises and tailored solutions based on your requirement and budget allocated. After sales services will be provided, making us a one-stop solution in the visual market.


We provide high valued experience for our customers and partners.

We integrate our collective expertise and latest technologies to offer you a variety of services - digital billboard or video display, content in HD video, or ways to promote your corporate branding, you can count on us.


Positioning the company for long term accomplishments in high performance LED lighting applications and customized lighting to suit commercial and consumer needs.


To be a recognized trusted brand in LED Lighting through continuous innovation & the primary growth driver for the expanding LED market regionally as well as intentionally.


We aim to position the company for long term accomplishments in high performance LED lighting applications and creating profitable business with strong product quality and good sales momentum.
We are one of the leading LED Display solution provider in Malaysia with the most advanced and high quality as well as both energy efficient and cost-effective.

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